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Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances

Whyred appeals to the anti-conformist, the individual who aspires to a life filled with independent choices and a free-spirited outlook. Whyred embodies a grown-up, no-fuss approach to dressing where collection pieces year after year become classic wardrobe staples. Established on the style values of the modernist, Whyred is a combination of clean lines, neat shapes and quirky details. Influenced by the music and art scenes, the design concept like the client has an intellectual appreciation for these genres of creativity.
Inspiration is always drawn from the iconic style of the 1960s Mods and an expression taken from The Who's manager, Pete Meaden represents the Whyred design philosophy; "Clean living under difficult circumstances". Faithful to the simplicity of post-modern aesthetics, Whyred creates classic, wearable designs with a modern twist that have become signature staples.


With its first collection in the spring summer 1999, Whyred was launched by Roland Hjort, Lena Patriksson and Jonas Clason. The former colleagues from H&M combine their collective skills in design, production and marketing. Whyred has now set out to build the company into a leading European premium fashion brand.

Why Whyred?

The inspiration behind the name, Whyred, comes from Roland Hjort's grandfather, the artist Sven X:et Erixon, who in a radio interview from the fifties was asked about his favourite colour. As his paintings are known for their multitude of colours, he did not quite know how to answer, but said "Red". When the journalist asked "Why red?", X:et Erixon replied " then". As with art, fashion should never be one dimensional. The conceptual link with the world of art is still today fundamental to Whyred.

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